Annealing Control Features: Release SummaryΒΆ

The following table, sorted in reverse chronological order, shows when the annealing control features were first available through the Solver API. The cloud-based systems available through the Leap Quantum Application Environment always have the latest version of the Solver API.


On-premise systems may have different versions of the Solver API; if you are using an on-premise system, check with your resource manager if you are unsure which release applies to your system.

Feature Solver API Release Date
Time-Dependent Gain in Hamiltonian Biases (H-Gain) 3.1.9 March 2019
Reverse Annealing 3.0 January 2018
Flux-Bias Offsets 3.0 January 2018
Flux-Drift–Compensation Control 3.0 January 2018
Intersample Correlation Control 3.0 January 2018
Anneal Schedule Variations 2.11 April 2017
Anneal Offsets 2.5 September 2016
Annealing Time Pre-2.0 Various, prior to 2016

For a basic overview of quantum annealing, see Getting Started with the D-Wave System. If you want the details behind quantum annealing, see Technical Description of the D-Wave QPU.