Quick Reference Tables

This section provides two quick reference tables: Properties and Parameters Summary by Solver Type and QPU Solver Parameters Matrix.

Properties and Parameters Summary by Solver Type

The following table summarizes the properties and parameters of each solver described above. For release-specific details of QPU solver parameters, see QPU Solver Parameters Matrix.


Not all accounts have access to all solver types.

Solver Type Properties Parameters
QPU and VFYC solvers
Optimizing emulators
Sampling emulators
Solver Type Properties Parameters
Hybrid solvers
Solver Type Properties Parameters
Ising heuristic solvers

QPU Solver Parameters Matrix

The following table summarizes the QPU solver parameters, identifies on what platform and in what release they are available, provides guidelines on how parameters interact with each other and on timing,[1] and gives their default settings.

Notice that some parameters are not supported on D-Wave 2X and earlier platforms. Always check solver properties when using a new parameter.

[1]For more information on timing, see Solver Computation Time.
Table 5 QPU Solver Parameters Matrix
Parameter Pltfrm./ Rel. Parameter Compatibility Timing Impact? Default
anneal_offsets 2000Q, 2.5+   No No offsets.
anneal_schedule 2000Q, 2.11+ Incompatible with annealing_time. Use with initial_state and reinitialize_state for reverse annealing. Yes No variation to the standard anneal schedule.
annealing_time All Incompatible with anneal_schedule. Yes Check properties.
answer_mode All   No histogram
auto_scale All Incompatible with flux_biases and extended \(J\) range. Yes true
beta All   No Check properties. For the VFYC solver, this is 10.
chains All Use with postprocess. No No chains.
flux_biases 2000Q, 3.0+ Incompatible with auto_scale and num_spin_reversal_transforms. No No offsets.
flux_drift_compensation 2000Q, 3.0+   No true
h All   No No bias.
h_gain_schedule 2000Q Use with anneal_schedule. No 1
initial_state 2000Q, 3.0+ Use with anneal_schedule for reverse annealing. Incompatible with annealing_time. Yes No initial state.
J All   No No coupling.
max_answers All   No num_reads
num_reads All The web server supports up to 1000 reads. Ocean client support up to 10,000. Yes 1
num_spin_reversal_transforms All Incompatible with reverse annealing, flux_biases, and extended \(J\) range. Yes 0
postprocess All Use with chains. Yes None.[2]
programming_thermalization All   Yes Check properties.
Q All   No N/A
qaot All   Yes Introduced by the system. Roughly 1 ms.
reduce_intersample_correlation 2000Q, 3.0+   Yes false
readout_thermalization All   Yes Check properties.
reinitialize_state 2000Q, 3.0+ Use with initial_state and reinitialize_state for reverse annealing. Yes true
[2]The VFYC solver always runs postprocessing; its default is sampling.