Known Issues

Problems Completed in the Leap Dashboard is Overbroad

In the Problem Status panel on the Leap dashboard, the total number of completed problems shown includes canceled and failed problems. Such problems do not appear in the usage statistics that show problems completed over time (and do not decrement solver access time).

Recommended Action: This issue is display-only; you are not charged for any problems that do not successfully complete. Check the usage statistics for an accurate count.

API Token Field May Be Blank

Users with access to multiple projects may, in rare cases, have a blank API token. This is apparent in the API Token field when clicking the eye icon on the Leap dashboard.

Recommended Action: From the Leap dashboard, reset your API token.

Ad Blocker May Interfere with Leap Login

Users with an active ad blocker may encounter an error message when attempting to access Leap.

Recommended Action: Add the D-Wave domain ( to the exemption list of your ad blocker or temporarily disable ad blocker.

Leap IDE: Flickering Display

Users who open the Leap IDE may notice flickering in the display.

Recommended Action: Configure your browser to allow cookies from the domain.