D-Wave System Documentation#

Here you’ll find information about D-Wave’s quantum computers and hybrid quantum-classical solvers, the Leap™ quantum cloud service (including user administration), and supported integrated development environments (IDEs) that you can use to develop applications and submit problems to solvers.

Introduction to quantum computing.

Start here if you are new to quantum computing or D-Wave systems.

Introduces Leap’s quantum-classical hybrid solvers and provides references to solver usage information.

Describes the solvers available through the Solver API, their properties, and the parameters they accept with problem submissions.

Provides advanced guidance and references to formulating problems and using D-Wave’s solvers, in particular the QPU.

Includes the Workflow for Developing Quantum Applications.

Describes the D-Wave quantum processing unit (QPU) in detail: the quantum annealing process, effects of integrated control errors (ICE) and other errors, and timing.

Physical properties and anneal schedules of each QPU available through Leap.

Introduction to the Leap quantum cloud service.

Description of Leap support for third-party IDEs.

Description of how project administrators manage access to projects in Leap.

Reference documentation for the Solver API (SAPI) REST interface.

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