Quick Start

The goal of this quick start is to configure the default solver-access time for project members and invite users to the project so that they can submit problems to the project’s solvers.

To log in to Leap Admin, you must have received an email to join a project as a project administrator. A project administrator for a project is a user who has the Project Admin role in that project.


If your invitation has expired or if you did not receive one, contact D-Wave Customer Support.

To invite users to a project and configure their solver access time, perform the following tasks:

Logging in to Leap Admin

  1. Log in to Leap at https://cloud.dwavesys.com/leap/login/.

  2. In the upper right corner of the Leap Dashboard, select your_profile_avatar > Leap Admin as shown in Figure 120.

    Leap Admin Login Menu

    Fig. 120 Leap Admin: Login Menu


    If you are a project administrator for multiple projects, select your_profile_avatar > Leap Admin > project_name.

Configuring the Default Solver-Access Time for Users

On the project page, specify the default solver-access time for all users in Overview tab > Solver Access Time Configuration section > Project Member Default Solver Access Time field.


Only users who are added subsequent to this change are set to the updated default solver access time. So that existing users are not negatively impacted, they retain their existing default solver access time.


  • In the invitation, you can override this default for a specific user.
  • To set the default to be the same as the project’s monthly maximum, select the Set Default to Unlimited Access option.

Inviting Users to a Project

  1. Click Invite > role.

    A role gives a user privileges to perform specific actions in a project. For more information, see User Roles and Privileges.


As a best practice, invite a secondary project administrator.

  1. Specify the email addresses of the users to add to the project.


    If an error occurs when specifying an email address, then make sure the email address is specified (individually or by pattern) in the Allowed Email Settings section.

    If the email address is not specified in the Allowed Email Settings section, contact D-Wave Customer Support.

  2. To set the user’s monthly maximum amount of solver time, either select the Set Solver Access Time Allocation field or leave it deselected:

    • Deselected

      (Default) This field is set to the amount of time in the Project Member Default Solver Access Time field.

    • Selected

      Enter an amount of time in the Solver Access Time field.

      This amount of time must be less than or equal to the project’s Monthly Solver Access Time field.

For more information, see Inviting Users to Join a Project.